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Prices are subject to market fluctuations, but here is a price list for material we buy:
Standard BGA Chips

These are two part Ball Grid Array chips consisting of a black epoxy top and a fiber base.  The black top is the important part and must be included in shipment.

If your shipment is primarily made of just a couple types of chips, They will need to be verified that they contain gold.  In recent years, chip makers have been trending away from the use of gold bonding wires.

Current Price: ~$55 / lb.

One Piece BGA Chips


These Chips are often found on telecom and higher end server boards.  The 'fiber base' is molded right to the chip body and require a different processing method.  These ARE NOT the same type of chips that come on newer type RAM chips.  RAM chips often have a strip down the back and always have a higher dot-pitch solder ball.

Current Price: ~$ 65 / lb.

Thin Quad Pack Chips


Quad Package chips have leads on all four sides of the chip.  These are very thin (about 1/8th inch) and have a large number of very thin leads.  The number of leads in combination with thinner chip design leads to higher yields

Current Price: ~$10 / lb.

Metallic Top BGA chips

These chips have a two part construction with a laminated circuitry film attached to a metallic heat spreader.  Due to the various constructions most of these contain little value and require testing to determine if  PM's can be recovered efficiently on a case by case basis.

Other Miscellaneous Chips

These include most other types of computer chips.  Chips with thick bodies, thick leads, or low lead count will generally fall into this category.  This low lead to chip weight ratio means low chip value.


Current Price: ~$4 /lb.

Other Items We Buy

Gold Finger RAM

$20.00 / lb.

RAM with NO heatsink

Gold Finger RAMBus

$6.50 / lb.

RAM with heatsink attached

Double Gold Cap Chips

$100.00 / lb.

Must have gold cap on both sides and pin intact

Gold Cap Chips

$50.00 / lb.

Chips with one gold cap.  Pins must me intact

386/486 Gold Cap Chips

$140.00 / lb.

Must be labeled, and have  cap and pins intact

Crystal Oscillators

$15.00 / lb.

Clean oscillators from the reel: $30/lb.

Misc Gold Cap Chip Boards

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Some boards are bought for Collector Value!!